Sunday, August 11, 2013

Radius Blip

Our Radius authentication system became unstable around 9:00am this morning, and new logon requests were being refused as a result. A reboot of the Cornwall concentrator server at approximately 9:10 solved the problem, but caused a brief interruption of service to most customers. Service is now fully normal.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


We suffered an extended outage from our principal upstream provider, TelJet Longhaul, from approximately 10am through 2:25pm today. Although we have contracted significant additional bandwidth from another fiber provider, Level3, we are still in process of implementing BGP and load balancing in our Network Operations Center, and were unable to switch the majority of customers over before TelJet restored service. This incident is precisely why we have gone to multiple providers and we will accelerate the completion of our network reconfiguration so that this cannot happen again.

Incidentally, TelJet was quite recently acquired by Tech Valley Communications and we suspect that this outage is related to the integration of those systems. We are--unhappily--still waiting for a response from their support team.