Saturday, November 2, 2019

Fiber Repaired

As of approximately 5:45am this morning, Internet connectivity to our network was restored. Approximately three hours later, FirstLight Fiber messaged:

"At this time field services are hands off and we believe that the fiber outage in Burlington VT should be resolved as of 8:35am 11/2. REASON FOR OUTAGE Riverbed scouring due to flooding from heavy rains ripped out the 144 from its conduit, along with a couple of other 144 count fibers"

Apparently extensive fiber splicing through the night was required to complete the repair. As this is the second occurence of this type of outage in a single year, we will be strongly advocating for FirstLight to configure a failover to a feed from the south, through Rutland, which appears to be achievable with existing fiber routes.

Thanks to our valued customers for your patience and understanding.

Friday, November 1, 2019


The complete fiber feed into the network has been down since approximately 8:30 this morning. The situation is confusing and FirstLight as well as several other networks are experiencing multiple outages across New England due to the extremely high winds and heavy rain. The proximate cause of our outage appears to be due to flooded conduit in the Burlington area which has taken out multiple networks south of Burlington. We still have no estimated time of restoral from FirstLight. We will update the Status Line at (802)382-8700 as soon as we have more information and this site soon thereafter. Thanks to all for your patience and understanding.