Sunday, November 10, 2013

Email Server Certificates

OOPS! We missed the first annual renewal of our GeoTrust certificates--we thought that they would renew automatically, but we were wrong. Holders of and email addresses are likely getting warnings from their email programs about the expired certificates, but most should be able to click through the warnings and connect. The problem should disappear tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest.

Monday, November 4, 2013

New Link in a Hurry, Upgrade Report

Around 1:30pm this last Friday (11/1), the backhaul radio link from Peddlars Bridge to Old Town Road in Ripton failed. After informing and  consulting with the six affected customers in the village area , rather than expend time and energy to repair a link that we had scheduled for replacement, we elected to accelerate configuration and testing of two new high throughput radios and schedule the build for Saturday. Good weather allowed us to build a complete new high capacity direct link from the Hanson tower to the Leeds barn on Old Town Road and commission it by few minutes after 5:00pm on Saturday. We were also able to prepare cabling for replacement of the Leeds to Grip link sometime in the next week after new radios for that link arrive. Shortly after that we will deploy a new AP at the Grip location serving Village customers. This will significantly increase capacity in and out of the Village area.

At this point, we are happy to report that we have replaced all but one of the original 900 MHz radios served by the three original sector APs on the Hanson tower with our new high-capacity beam-forming solution. The replacement of the Grip AP and associated village clients, mentioned above, will mark the replacement of the second of the four older branch 900 APs and clients. At that point nearly 90% of our Ripton customers will be migrated to one of the new high speed platforms!