Thursday, January 21, 2016


Last evening, around 7:00pm, when many Riptonites were sitting down to an important School Board presentation, a fiber demarc device of our fiber provider for the Middlebury-Ripton link failed. Normally, we expect immediate notification from that provider in such an eventuality, since we do not have "visibility" into their network segments. Absent that notification, we wasted many hours troubleshooting, tearing down, and reprovisioning multiple devices on our network before finally concluding, by process of elimination, that the problem was not on our end. Support from our fiber provider was able to confirm the failure of their equipment and locate it, and we were able to help them restore connectvity shortly after 3:00am.

Later today, we will confer with that provider's engineering staff, confirm that normal emergency notification procedures are now in place, and ask them to support our process for automatic restoration.

Additionally, we continue work to add a replacement wireless link into Ripton for total redundancy.