Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Yesterday, under duress, we completed a major transition. As of a few minutes before Noon, September 1st, we are backhauling service to Ripton through our own fiberoptic drop on Old Town Road. This eliminates the W. Cornwall wireless site which has been so problematic recently, causing the weekend outage of late July as well as a pair of much briefer interruptions.

Unfortunately, yesterday once again the W. Cornwall site owners failed to meet their contractual commitments; some of our equipment there was powered down a few minutes before midnight Monday night, even though there was an obligation to power it for another week. We had planned to announce a maintenance window in the early morning hours of either Wednesday or Thursday to complete the transfer during a time when an outage would have the least impact on our customers. As a result of the situation in W. Cornwall, we were forced to effect the transition on the fly Tuesday morning, and did not complete it until a few minutes before Noon.  All of our Ripton customers would have been unable to connect until then.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the difficulties of this transition, and thank you all for your loyalty.  Please know that these difficulties are behind us; the new fiber feed will be not only much more reliable, but is already bringing significantly more bandwidth up the mountain. It is also easily scalable, unlike the former path, so we can continue to increase bandwidth as the need arises. Additionally, we now begin work on implementing another high capacity wireless link into Ripton, so that we can provide a unique level of redundancy there.

We will continue to fight to provide your best Internet option. Once again, thanks to all of our Ripton customers for your patience and your patronage.